Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 16 Apr 2013
Current Status Accepted

 The Town Council wishes to consider the future of the Town in the context of the opportunities and constraints which impinge on it but to do so in the widest sense and not to be constrained in this assessment. It continues to stress its view that future development strategies within and around the town should be considered in the context of a Green Belt boundary which might be reviewed


and/or amended in exceptional circumstances. This was the situation which was set out in the Draft Core Strategy in November 2009 when the proposed wording for Policy CS6 allowed for changes to the detailed Green Belt boundary "through a Local Development Document".

8. The Core Strategy says that "Nailsea in particular has suffered from being planned as a dormitory town in the 1960s and would benefit from development which would enable a more balanced community to take shape." Since the green belt boundaries were set the population of Nailsea has increased, and the settlement boundary has changed significantly, now pushing up against the Green Belt boundary to the north of the town. It is therefore essential that the boundaries are reviewed in order to assess whether they are appropriate to the actual needs of our town. In 2006, in his final report into North Somerset’s Replacement Local Plan the planning inspector supported the view that a review of the Green Belt should be undertaken "in order that sustainability criteria can be assessed."

9. In parallel with the desire to support employment development in North East Nailsea (see EMPLOYMENT above) the Town Council also wishes to consider the role of all land around Nailsea in performing a Green Belt function and (where appropriate) extending the Green Belt boundary.

10. The Town Council believes that, without the ability to review the detailed Green Belt boundary in order to provide for locally generated development needs, or to extend the boundary to include land which performs Green Belt functions, decisions may be taken which result in unsustainable development and perverse outcomes for the Town.