Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 16 Apr 2013
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SUPPORT – Sport & Recreation in the Green Belt


Policy DM13 – Development within Green Belt

By virtue of its location adjoining urban areas and comprising essentially open land, the Green Belt makes an ideal location for outdoor sports facilities and can accommodate a wide range of sports close to major centres of population.  The NPPF recognises outdoor sport as an appropriate land use in the Green Belt and advises that new buildings which provide essential facilities for outdoor sport, including changing rooms and small spectator accommodation, may be developed.

PLANNING POLICY OBJECTIVE 11: To promote the development of outdoor sports facilities in the Green Belt including essential ancillary built facilities. In exceptional circumstances Sport England will support the development of indoor or other built facilities associated with outdoor sports, where there is an identified need and no suitable site is available elsewhere in the locality.

Whilst there is a general presumption against built development in the Green Belt a special exception is made for essential ancillary facilities. They should be acceptable as long as they are unobtrusive, small in scale and do not conflict with the purposes of including land within the Green Belt.