Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft

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Response Date 11 Apr 2013

Access by road to work inBristolis inhibited by traffic blockages at Junctions 19, 20 and 21 of the M5.

The earmarking of land for an alternative to Junction 21 at WSM is a first step as bypassing the junction is desperately needed now. Let us hope that it is constructed soon.  Queuing for Junction 21 in the evenings is terrible and accident prone, frequently extending all the way back to Clevedon.

Despite recent improvements at Junction 19 Portbury it is possible that the only long term solution to Portishead’s continued growth is a similar bypass to the roundabout as is envisaged at Junction 21.  Where is that proposal ?

Junction 20 Clevedon is less crowded except at peak times but its use as a connection to Portishead brings congestion toEast Clevedonevery evening and morning and right outside your own offices too. It affects both Walton-in-Gordano and Weston-in-Gordano too. HGV access to Bristol from this junction should be resisted.

The access toBristolairport from anywhere but central Bristol itself is a nightmare.  The links from the M5, most especially from the south, are non-existent. The route up Brockley Coombe ends in a fearful junction at the A38.  Why hasn’t the entrance, which now exists from Brockley Coombe, been developed to be open to all traffic? Your plans should include such ideas. The airport should pay for improvements to the road access.