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Response Date 08 Apr 2013
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We act for Marshalls as planning consultants and wish to respond to your consultation draft Sites and Policies DPD. Our comments relate to that part of the document which concerns policies allocating sites and specifically to Policy BL1 "Bleadon Quarry, Bleadon".

First of all, may we thank you for the draft allocation of this site for alternative uses which we both welcome and support. At present, the site is still operational as a concrete product manufacturing facility and distribution centre but we do confirm your observation that it is approaching the end of its economic life.

We support and share the two stated "Policy Intentions" which appear at the outset of draft Policy BL1. We confirm that we have worked closely with Bleadon Parish Council for a number of years now and that we shall continue to do so. We have always made it clear that the sensitive redevelopment of theMarshallssite shall be our legacy to the village. In this way, we wish to ensure that our future proposals for the site are indeed community-led.

Our intentions for the site are for a mix of uses including residential, employment and open space, as well as the promotion of community benefits. We note you have suggested an allocation of 25 dwellings but we firmly believe that a higher number of dwellings is more probable. We say this because our agents have recently completed a full marketing exercise of the site for employment use over a period of 14 months (and still on-going) and to date this has resulted in zero interest for employment use and with the only interest being for residential use.A copy of the full report, entitled Marketing Review, is appended and a brief commentary on its findings is included below. Of course, physical constraints at this former quarry site will need to be investigated and properly addressed when deciding on a plan layout but additional housing numbers do seem likely.

Marshalls shortly intend to host a series of public consultation events to take the views of Bleadon’s residents into account and which will inform the site layout. It is anticipated that a planning application will be lodged before the end of this year.

Given the balance of uses has yet to be determined on the site we think it premature to specify numbers of residential units. We therefore propose that the site be allocated for the stated mix of uses only at this stage. Should you concur, may we suggest that the second stated Policy Intention be amended, to read as follows:-

·          To secure a mixed use allocation including residential, employment and community uses on this existing site, with the appropriate balance of uses to be addressed via the development control process.