Guidance Note for the Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Generation in North Somerset Supplementary Planning Document

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2.3 It should be added that the efficiency of solar arrays can be greatly increased if they are installed with tracking systems, to maintain optimum alignment towards the sun. These are expensive but can allow increased power to be generated on a set area, so might be worthwhile in constrained situations. These systems are now beginning to be more widely used in the UK, e.g.:

Although expensive, the return on investment for these systems has been estimated as slightly higher than on conventional systems (the article linked to above gives 11.8% against 11.7%).

2.6 We note that North Somerset Council acknowledge the motivation for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) arrays is due to the relatively high levels of solar energy potential in the South West of England (although North Somerset is not in the highest band in the South West) and the driver from the Government’s Feed in-Tariff subsidy. Both of the areas are related to external influences.

2.7 We are pleased to note that North Somerset Council recognises that Solar Photovoltaic arrays have a variety of impacts and control on these impacts should be implemented by setting out clear parameters for their development as shown in this document.