North Somerset Local Plan 2036 - Generating Ideas


What is proposed at Backwell?

  • About 700 new homes to the west of the village
  • Rail station improvements and a new route between the A370 and Nailsea and a MetroBus connection to Bristol
  • A possible new primary school
  • Protection of heritage features including historic Chelvey and West Town Conservation area
  • Protection and enhancement of the greater and lesser horse shoe bat habitat


The setting of West Town Conservation Area is recognised as sensitive. Should it be protected by a gap in development or should development be brought up to the settlement edge and designed to enhance the Conservation Area? If so how?

What is needed to ensure the new development is integrated into the village? What are the important connections for pedestrians and cyclists?

With new transport links in place to reduce traffic pressure, what improvements should be made to the road through the village and the village centre?

What design and environmental features in Backwell do you value and how can the design of the new development reflect or enhance these features?

Should there be an undeveloped green space where the recreation and football ground is or should their relocation to the edge of the new development be considered?

Please download the Nailsea and Backwell Interactive Map and mark on (using virtual sticky notes) the following for Backwell:

  • Where you think development should be concentrated
  • Areas which need to be protected and why
  • Any important routes which need to be included or improved
  • Other things you value or feel are best expressed on the map.

You can then save your comments and upload the map with you comments back into this response. Alternatively you can provide comments by clicking on "Add a comment" below. 

27794 Map NB

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