North Somerset Local Plan 2036 - Generating Ideas


What is suggested at Nailsea:

  • About 3,300 new homes to the south west of the town
  • A local centre which complements Nailsea town centre
  • MetroBus connection to Bristol and an improved Nailsea/Backwell station
  • New employment which is well connected to the local centre and transport hubs
  • A new secondary school and primary schools
  • Protection and enhancement of the local heritage features and the greater horseshoe bat habitat
  • Careful management of surface water run-off from the new development to safeguard ecological habitats on Tickenham Moor
  • Better highway connection to the A370 near Backwell and the Long Ashton bypass
  • A new or improved road connection to the M5

Should there be an undeveloped green space where the recreation and football ground is or should their relocation to the edge of the new development be considered?

Providing employment land is important. Where should new employment uses be located and what sort of employment uses should they be?

How can we ensure new development is well integrated with existing development, or should it be separate?

Are there any design features distinctive to Nailsea which need to be incorporated into the new development?

Please download the Nailsea and Backwell Interactive Map and mark on it (using virtual sticky notes) the following Nailsea:

  • Where you think development should be concentrated
  • Areas which need to be protected and why
  • Any important routes which need to be included or improved
  • The preferred location for the local centre
  • Other things you value or feel are best expressed on the map.
  • What places spaces or features do you value? 

You can then save your comments and upload the map with you comments back into this response. Alternatively you can provide comments by clicking on "Add a comment" below. 

 27794 Map NB

If you wish to make any further comments on the proposals at Nailsea please do so below.