North Somerset Local Plan 2036 - Generating Ideas


What is suggested at Banwell:

  • A new garden village of about 1,900 homes to the north of Banwell, with its own character and sense of identity, sensitively designed in relation to the local environment
  • A new junction on the M5 and link to the A38 including a Banwell bypass
  • New employment which is well connected to the local centre and transport routes
  • A local centre to complement Banwell’s existing centre
  • Bus improvements with the potential for improved connections to Weston-super-Mare and Bristol, cycle and footpath links to Banwell and Weston-super-Mare
  • Up to two new primary schools and a secondary school
  • Protection and enhancement of the greater and lesser horse shoe bat habitat

A Garden Village is proposed near Banwell. How important is it that it is a separate settlement? Should there be a distinct ‘gap’ between Banwell and the new development? If so, what should it be used for?

What local design features would you like to see incorporated in the design of the new garden village? Are there any other local attributes which should influence the design?

The proposed new Banwell bypass could provide an opportunity to enhance Banwell village centre. This could include environmental improvements, enhancing the historic environment and pedestrian improvements. What are the opportunities once the through traffic is re-routed?

Please download the Banwell and Churchill Interactive Map and mark on it (using virtual sticky notes) the following for Banwell:

  • Where you think development should be concentrated
  • Areas which need to be protected and why
  • Any important routes which need to be included or improved
  • The preferred location for the local centre
  • Other things you value or feel are best expressed on the map.

You can then save your comments and upload the map with you comments back into this response. Alternatively you can provide comments by clicking on "Add a comment" below. 

27794 Map BC

If you have any further comments you wish to make about proposals at Banwell please do so below: