Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Response Date 10 Dec 2018

We support the decision of North Somerset Council to continue to bring forward the new Local Plan (nLP) prior to the examination of the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP). This will ensure a timely examination of the Part II Plan following the adoption of the JSP.

The importance of the timely adoption of the nLP is emphasised by the fact that it will be the nLP which will allocate the sites to meet the updated housing requirement set out in the JSP. The adoption of the nLP is therefore critical in ensuring that housing needs are met over the plan period, in addition to maintaining a short-medium term housing land supply; notably through five year housing land supply (5YHLS).

This is underpinned by the current shortfall in 5YHLS within North Somerset against the adopted Core Strategy target, and emphasises the need to ensure the sites identified in the nLP provide an immediate opportunity to deliver housing to meet the short-medium term need.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF, 2018), and associated Planning Practice Guidance (PPG), confirm that all settlements have a role in supporting sustainable development and meeting housing needs. In rural areas, the PPG states that "all settlements can play a role in delivering sustainable development" and that a thriving rural community is dependent on retaining local services and community facilities, and that development in more rural areas will require different sustainable transport solutions (50-001-20160519).

We welcome the recognition of this in the Consultation Document and associated evidence base, and the decision to reconsider the existing spatial hierarchy in light of the updated needs assessment, and national planning policy.

The recognition of the differing roles of settlements in meeting the need for sustainable development must be reflected in the emerging Sustainability Appraisal (SA), to ensure that all reasonable options are considered through the iterations of the SA, and that opportunities to maximise sustainable development to meet the existing and future housing needs of North Somerset, and the wider West of England, are identified.

Sandford has been identified as a suitable location for growth through the development management process following the approval of 118-dwellings in 2016, and the recommendation of approval for another 85-dwelling scheme by Officers in 2018. The nLP provides an opportunity to update the local plan in line with the up to date development context.

Land South of Greenhill Road could deliver housing within a sustainable location, and within a small-medium sized site, in accordance with recent Government policy.

Land South of Greenhill Road

The site comprises 1.88 hectares of agricultural land to the east of Sandford; south of the A368 (Greenhill Road). It comprises a single field in agricultural use, and is bordered by existing dwellings and built form on all four sides. A site location plan is enclosed at Appendix 1.

The site lies within Flood Zone 1. It is relatively level; falling from 32.4m in the south-east to 28.4m in the north-west. The tree group within the southern end of the western hedgerow is subject to a Tree Protection Order (TPO 1091).

The site borders the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which runs along the site’s southern edge. The southern edge also includes a Public Right of Way.

250m to the west of the site is the Grade II Listed Pool Farmhouse. There are no other designated heritage assets in the vicinity of the site.

The site is suitable for residential development, with a number of opportunities to deliver housing on the site. This includes a scheme for approximately 35 dwellings including affordable housing provision, or alternatively a care home alongside approximately 10 dwellings including affordable homes. The nature of development proposals for the site would be subject to discussions with North Somerset Council.

Further details are in the attached submission and appendices


Land South of Greenhill Road is an opportunity to deliver residential development to meet the housing needs of North Somerset over the plan period, and represents a suitable, available and deliverable site. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this site further with North Somerset Council.