Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Response Date 14 Dec 2018

I have been undertaking a land assembly exercise along the new proposed by-pass route north of Sandford and Churchill and I believe I have a deliverable alternative to the suggested Garden Village.

I am meeting a number of landowners next week who are very interested in bringing forward land to the north of Churchill Green (plan attached) for development.  Through this land the first leg of the new link road can be created and funded (subject to design), connecting from Churchill School to Sandford.  This would require Thatchers to provide access, which I am awaiting for feedback on, but could deliver c.1,500 plots.   

I believe that from Churchill School the link road could then continue eastwards connecting to Pudding Pie Lane (North Somerset own a parcel of land which could provide access), and releasing land predominately owned by Edwards for a further c.1,000 plots. 

Through such a scheme the housing could come forward in conjunction with the infrastructure, providing a viable new network of roads to by-pass Sandford and Churchill.  

Site proposal for land north of Churchill Green (plan attached) for development.