Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

Document Section 1. North Somerset Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Document Potential new policy areas Q54. Are there any other policy areas you feel need to be considered – either new policies, or amendments to an existing policy? [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 16 Jan 2019

Sport England along with Public Health England have launched our revised guidance ‘Active Design’ which we consider has considerable synergy the Plan. It may therefore be useful to provide a cross-reference (and perhaps a hyperlink) to www.sportengland.org/activedesign . Sport England believes that being active should be an intrinsic part of everyone’s life pattern.

  • The guidance is aimed at planners, urban designers, developers and health professionals.
  • The guidance looks to support the creation of healthy communities through the land use planning system by encouraging people to be more physically active through their everyday lives.
  • The guidance builds on the original Active Designs objectives of Improving Accessibility, Enhancing Amenity and Increasing Awareness (the ‘3A’s), and sets out the Ten Principles of Active Design.
  • Then Ten Active Design Principles have been developed to inspire and inform the design and layout of cities, towns, villages, neighbourhoods, buildings, streets and open spaces, to promote sport and physical activity and active lifestyles.
  • The guide includes a series of case studies that set out practical real-life examples of the Active Design Principles in action. These case studies are set out to inspire and encourage those engaged in the planning, design and management of our environments to deliver more active and healthier environments.
  • The Ten Active Design Principles are aimed at contributing towards the Governments desire for the planning system to promote healthy communities through good urban design.

The developer’s checklist (Appendix 1) has been revised and can also be accessed via www.sportengland.org/activedesign

Sport England would encourage development in North Somerset be designed in line with the Active Design principles to secure sustainable design. This could be evidenced by use of the checklist.

Model Policy for Active Design

A suggested model policy for Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans is provided.

Active Design should be demonstrated in the four major housing sites of:

Backwell 700 homes

Banwell Garden Village 1900 homes

Mendip Spring Garden Village at Churchill 2675 homes

Nailsea 2575 homes

Need to include reference to active design guidance. Development should be designed in accordance with active design principles. to secure sustainable design. It should be demonstrated at the four strategic development locations.