Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Document Section 1. North Somerset Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Document Mendip Spring garden Village Q16. Do you agree with the principles set out for Mendip Spring Garden Village and would you suggest any changes to these? [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 16 Jan 2019

My comments made on the West of England JSP are as below and I consider that they also apply to the work you are carrying out on the NS Local Plan 2036. As far as I am concerned the discussion questionnaire that you have circulated for Churchill is irrelevant as the JSP concept is unsound. I strongly support the comments made by CALRAG and Burrington Parish Council. 

Road Improvements North / South across N Somerset B3133

The JSP is unsound because currently main roads in North Somerset focus towards Weston Super Mare or Bristol. The N/S A3133 link between Churchill and Clevedon is very poor passing through congested villages. This is not helped by the proposed link from Junction 21A to A38 Havyatt Green.

The M5 (Junction 21A) to the A38 road link provides limited access only to and from the M5 Southwards, it would have to be completed in its entirety before any housing development could take place and it is unfunded.

My proposals are shown on the attached plan and are as follows:-

  1. New A road from A38 at Havyatt Green to A370 West of Congresbury. This will join Brinsea Road and could run partly on the old Railway track. It will also enable Stock Lane from Langford to the Substation to be declassified with a weight limit. This would bypass Congresbury and give better road links to Wrington.
  2. New road and river crossing from West of Congresbury to A370 Smallway Junction. This would complete the bypassing of Congresbury. 
  3. New Road from A370 to Arnold’s Way, Horsecastle bypassing Yatton and adjacent to the Strawberry Line.
  4.  Improvements to existing B3133 from Horsecastle to Kenn. 
  5.  New Road from Kenn to M5 Junction 20. This would relieve traffic in Clevedon Central Way.
  6.  Improve A370 from Congresbury to M5 Junction 21 with improvements to Junction 21 roundabout. This with Item 1 would be the link from the M5 South to the Airport. 
  7.  Upgrade Ashey Lane to an A road from A38 to A368 at Bourne. The A368 from Bourne to Churchill Gate could then be declassified and weight limits enforced.
  8.  Complete the Banwell Bypass as a single carriageway for local traffic, possibly declassifying A368 and A371 as B roads. 

Road Improvements B3133 and Airport Access

Improved Access from the South to the Airport would be from the M5 Junction 21 on an improved A370 to Congresbury and the New B3133 to the A38 at Havyatt Green.

This would relieve traffic from the A38 from the M5 at Brent Knoll and give better access to the Airport from Weston Super Mare.

An important condition when these new and improved roads are built is that they should not lead to infill housing between the existing communities and the new roads.

Further comments on the JSP

The Employment Land Requirement for the proposed Churchill Village is minimal and due to its proposed location of Employment Land, it may not be attractive to potential developers. 

This village location does not therefore meet the sustainability targets due to lack of local employment opportunities, poor public transport and no rail opportunities.

Churchill Garden Village is insound.

This location does not meet the sustainability targets due to lack of local employment opportunities, poor public transport and no rail opportunities. Plans are supposed to avoid the creation of remote commuter dormitories with an excessive dependence on the private car.

The planned development would have substantial adverse impacts on the local environment and neighboring settlements.

The high voltage overhead power lines and the new Cheddar to Barrow Tanks water main bisect the site longitudinally. Also new housing should be kept away from the Major Highway proposed from M5 (junction 21A) to the A38.

The area has productive Agricultural land and has a high Amenity value close to the Mendips ANOB. Part of one local amenity, Mendip Spring Golf Course will be lost to the proposed development.

Existing local residents generally have to commute to work etc by car as existing Public Transport is totally inadequate and this causes local congestion. The proposals for 2675 new houses would add to this congestion as the proposed Public Transport is unlikely to sustainably satisfy the demand.

The housing proposed for Churchill Village should be relocated at Ashton Vale that is:-

  1. Well-related to South Bristol. Bristol Airport and the City Centre.
  2. Potentially served by existing and planned strategic transport infrastructure including the South Bristol Link Road, a Metro Bus Route, improved links to the Airport and a new Railway station.
  3. A large enough area to provide a mix of land uses including employment and local centre facilities.
  4. Already assembled under the control of a developer that would make planning and implementation of a large scale, mixed use development with its associated infrastructure a more feasible proposition.
JSP concept is unsound. Main roads focus towards Weston or Bristol. Suggest a number of N/S road improvements across NSC and to improve airport access. Employment allocation for garden village is minimal and may not be attractive. Not sustainable - lack of local jobs, poor public transport. Substantial adverse impacts on environment, neighbouring settlements and traffic congestion. Keep new housing away from proposed major highway. Relocate housing to Ashton Vale.