Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

Document Section 1. North Somerset Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Document North Somerset Issues Q3. Do you agree with these or are there other challenges or issues which we have not included and how might the Local Plan address these? [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 11 Jan 2019

Under Section 3, Nailsea and Backwell, the document outlined some issues to be addressed regarding the housing proposals, such as effective assimilation into Nailsea and Backwell, the impact of the proposed road infrastructure, impact on the environment, creation of a new transport hub at the existing rail station, "encouraging employment" in the area, suppporting and enhancing Backwell's village center, improving opportunities for sport and leisure. 


I seriously question how the 700 houses in Backwell (and almost doubling the size of Nailsea) can be assimilated, either in the "village center" which extends onto the A370 and is already is under parking pressures to access Spar, the wine shop, the funeral services shop, the vets, Broadstreet Hair salon, Taylor's news agent.  The rest of the "center is on the A 370 consisting of a Post Office, the surgery, a hair salon and a barber shop, a beauty center, 2 estate agents, chemists, and on Dark lane and Station Road, a financial adviser, a phone shop, a guitar shop.  It is hardly a village center with very limited parking at the best of times and with the proposed development Backwell will increase in size by about 40%.  Further "enhancement" is not possible as there is no room.


So will the enhancement envisioned by the planners consist of taking another field and putting some shops on it?  And will we assimilate the additional school children by crowding the existing schools or building new ones, again on another field perhaps?  At the moment, we can get doctors' appointments within a reasonable time, but how will this issue be addressed.  There is a large ageing population in Backwell with many health needs as a result who need access to the health center in a timely fashion.


As for the improvement of sport and leisure, it appears that the Council and the Planning staff will have wiped out wonderful green areas that we enjoy for walking, which is why we live here.  Is the plan to build a sports center on another field ?  


Finally, the impact of the proposed transport hub at the rail station will further destroy this village, with a proposed road cutting across the Common, a Green Belt area and one which become flooded in heavy rain.  I cannot fathom how this hub will operate out of the most congested area in the village, nor where adequate government funding will pay for the proposed major roads!  As for the biking and foot paths from the proposed Grove Farm development, how will that happen?  Aren't there houses in the way?  Of course, Backwell Lake will be affected by the proposed road skirting it.  I also wonder how I will be able to drive to the Nailsea Town Center where I do a lot of my shopping.  Will it take me an hour to drive a few miles past this transport hub??  Then in Nailsea, how will I find parking if Nailsea is going to double in size?  The size of the proposed building plans are simply not viable.  


Also, Backwell Council has approved sustainable housing developments which the village can assimilate.  This JSP and Local Plan will destroy a beautiful valley and will lead to terrible traffic congestion on all the roads.  As for encouraging employment, let's get serious here.  The majority of the employment for these new residents as for exisiting residents will be in Bristol. 

The JSP and Local Plan will destroy a beautiful valley and will lead to terrible traffic congestion on all the roads.