Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

Document Section 1. North Somerset Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Document North Somerset Issues Q5. Do you agree with these or are there other challenges or issues which we have not included and how might the Local Plan address these? [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 11 Jan 2019
  • The Green Belt policy is sorely in need of review: in this plan as with the JSP it is being used to drive development into rural landscapes, particularly those that were never thought necessary to protect.  The setting area for Mendip Hills AONB which includes Churchill is not green belt because it was never imagined that it would ever be under threat from the massive development proposed. It is ludicrous that the policy is being used in such a rigid manner to strangle Bristol thereby allowing sprawling urbanisation in the countryside, far from infrastructure and jobs. 
  • Sensible developments utilising existing infrastructure, like the Vale, which would use only 2% of North Somerset’s Green Belt should not be stopped.  Development should be allowed to take place close to where jobs actually exist – not where you hope they might exist.  The Green belt policy in this instance is forcing a separation of housing from jobs.
  • Why are there no proposals to reallocate the 2% green belt to Churchill & Langford?
  • All the other unitary authorities in the JSP have proposals for development within the green belt – why not North Somerset?
  • NSC is allowing the Airport to develop – even though it is within the Green Belt!
Green Belt policy needs to be reviewed. All other JSP Unitary Authorities have proposals for the green belt - why not North Somerset?