Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

Document Section 1. North Somerset Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Document Local Housing Growth Where will the non-strategic sites be? [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 09 Jan 2019

The North Somerset Core Strategy currently provides that in service villages, up to 25 dwellings may come forward adjacent to settlement boundary providing the sites meet the requirements set out in the policies for each area. Service villages include Banwell, Churchill and Winscombe.

We would highlight that the NPPF sets out under paragraph 172 that ‘Great weight should be given to conserving and enhancing landscape and scenic beauty in National Parks, the Broads and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which have the highest status of protection in relation to these issues … The scale and extent of development within these designated areas should be limited. Planning permission should be refused for major development other than in exceptional circumstances, and where it can be demonstrated that the development is in the public interest …’.

The DEFRA 25 Year Environment Plan further sets out that ‘While development is not prohibited in National Parks or AONBs, major development should take place only in exceptional circumstances’.

The Core Strategy permits up to 25 dwellings adjacent to settlement boundary of service villages Banwell, Churchill, and Winscombe , yet NPPF and DEFRA 25 Year Environment Plan refer to restriction on scale of development in AoNBs.