Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

Document Section 1. North Somerset Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Document Backwell Q21. Do you have any comments on the concept diagrams and alternative scenarios set out? [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 03 Jan 2019

A.    I note that all the proposed solutions to the Backwell situation as well as that of the villages along the A370 and even along the A38  (due to the new Bristol South Link) depend on crossing the River Avon at the Cumberland Basin.  Even the proposed new road traffic routes merely move traffic congestion away from such current choke points as the  Station Road/A38 traffic lights to the A370 closer to Bristol and will result in major traffic chaos from the Cumberland Basin back down the A370  (and A38) towards Backwell  (or towards WSM in the worst case). There is basically no solution to this traffic congestion without a major re-routing of traffic within Bristol so as to reduce the traffic load on the Cumberland Basin.   The tinkering with the "Transport Hub" to enable cyclists and pedestrians easier access to the station will not materially change the traffic congestion problem.  In fact due to the railway line having to accomodate express trains,  the options for laying on further trains to accomodate the new builds is less than it may appear at first.   Finally the Metrobus is looked upon as the universal solution to Bristol traffic problems  but is completely unproven especially for lengthy trips such as Backwell to Bristol. It might require an awful lot of Metrobuses.


 I have lived in the  Los Angeles area for many years and the development of huge flyovers and high speed roads could solve this problem by enabling the heavy traffic coming in over the Cumberland Basin to "fan out" to the various areas of Bristol.  However the cost would be huge and Bristol would be forever changed.  It would probably need a high level motorway bridge over the Avon Gorge. 


 B.   There is a requirement to build new roads in the Backwell Common Green Belt which would essentially destroy this wonderful ribbon of peace and tranquility between  Backwell and Nailsea.  The peaceful tranquility with grazing cattle and babbling brooks which is one of the major rewards of living in the Backwell/Nailsea area would be lost for ever.   More than 15,000 people live within ten miles of this Green Belt and enjoy this amenity. What is especially perplexing is why the North Somerset Council would not survey the possibility of moving much of the proposed development to The Vale, apparently on the grounds that it is also Green Belt.   My suggestion is that a review of the relative viability of the   Backwell Common Green Belt vs the Vale Green Belt be undertaken. On the face of it The Vale Green Belt is much more suited for large scale development as it would  reduce the distances needed to be travelled to access Bristol by 90% with  corresponding reductions in pollution and fuel use.   Many much cheaper routes could  be  constructed with many small crossings of the Avon and cause the  traffic to fan out over Bristol and the use of Metrobus would be much more effective due to the shorter  distances as would pedestrian and cycle traffic. What makes one Green Belt subject to destruction while keeping another neighbouring one which is not enjoyed by as large a population? Surely it is reasonable to review this situation.

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