Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Response Date 10 Dec 2018

As part of this representation, the land as outlined on the enclosed plan ref. 001, is offered as a residential allocation; either in its own right or as part of a larger residential allocation. The land is located North of Summer Lane (338162, 160548), Banwell with the nearest post code being BS29 6LP.

The site is a gently sloping, southerly aspect parcel of land outside of the flood plain with excellent communication and transport links to the urban area of Weston-super-Mare and the village of Banwell.

The land is accessed via Summer Lane to the south and also adjoins Wolvershill Road to the east. The land is outside of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It is also within an area at least risk of flooding (Flood Risk Zone 1).

The Draft Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Consultation Document takes forwards the objectives of The West of England Joint Spatial Plan (WoE JSP).

The WoE JSP sets out a prospectus for sustainable growth that will help the area meet its housing and transport needs for the next twenty years. It will guide the planning strategies for planning authorities Bristol City, North Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire Councils.

The JSP has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and it is anticipated it will be examined in Autumn/Winter 2018. It is expected to be adopted in 2019. Given its relatively advanced stage towards adoption, it is the guiding strategy for the next North Somerset Local Plan 2036.

The ‘Issues and Options Document’ informs North Somerset’s consultation. It proposes a new garden village on land to the north of Banwell. The vision of this strategic allocation is that by 2036, “Banwell Garden Village will be a thriving new community a short distance away from Weston-super- Mare offering a range of new homes, business, and other uses. Its character will draw upon the semirural setting blending sensitively within the landscape to the north of the Mendip Hills AONB. New business space will be provided with good access to the M5 offering an attractive industrial / distribution opportunity, and WSM will provide a focus for employment  pportunities, including the nearby Junction 21 Enterprise Area.”

The objective is that the Banwell Bypass will alleviate existing local roads, including West Street in Banwell and the centre will benefit from an improved environment, enhancing the attractiveness, vitality and viability of the historic village.”

The Issues and options Document suggests two alternative scenarios to stimulate discussion on the possible options for  ccommodating the strategic growth. Alternative Scenario 1 identifies further development to the north of the strategic allocation of Banwell Garden Village.

The land the subject of this representation falls within the area the subject of Alternative Scenario 1 as shown in the screen shot below (land outlined in red) of the Concept Diagram which has been  taken from the Issues and Options Consultation Document

The Opportunities

The natural option under ‘Alternative Scenario 1’

The land the subject of this representation is only separated from the strategic Banwell Garden Village by Summer Lane itself and the band of existing housing along the southern side of Summer Lane. The land presents the most suitable opportunity for securing additional residential growth to the north of the strategic Banwell Garden Village under ‘Alternative Scenario 1’.

The land also has a gentle southerly aspect and therefore there are sustainability attributers to the development of the land; a future development being able to take advantage of solar gains.

The land is a sufficient distance from the M5 motorway not to be excessively impacted by noise and pollution from the motorway.

The land is not within an area at risk of flooding and it also benefits from an existing mature natural northern hedgerow landscaping that can be retained as part of a future development.

The land offers good transport links and there is potential for opportunities to improve the northern section of Summer Lane which adjoins the southern boundary of the site and the opportunity also for the improvement of an important section of Wolvershill Road which no doubt will need to be improved to accommodate substantial additional traffic associated with the Banwell Garden Village development.

These opportunities become available with the allocation of the land for residential development as strips along these site boundaries can help accommodate road widening and pedestrian footways as well as new landscape planting. These are discussed further below.

Summer Lane

The Authority may not yet know whether it will be an objective to secure improvements to Summer Lane to accommodate additional traffic movements or indeed, improvements to accommodate sustainable means of movement; walkways / cycleways. However, if it is, there are limited opportunities to secure these improvements along this section of Summer Lane which forms the boundary of this land.

The road is bound by several residential dwellings alongside the southern edge of this stretch of the road.

However, the northern boundary of the road (the site outlined red) can accommodate improvements (if required, and indeed if the land itself were allocated for residential development). The land therefore presents the only realistic opportunity to secure infrastructure improvements to this section of Summer Lane; whether these be highway improvements, footway and/or cycle links or indeed green infrastructure improvements.

Wolvershill Road currently experiences high levels of traffic for a road that is substandard in width for significant lengths of the road. This road may be considered as a strategic route to the Banwell Garden Village and if so will likely need improvements to overcome these width restrictions.

However, there is also a significant ‘pinch point’ alongside the eastern boundary of the site the subject of this representation; the road narrowing as it passes the site. This is shown in the enclosed images below. The site being to the right hand side of the road in this image which shows the road is insufficient in width to continue the broken white line along the middle of the road. The broken white line continues after the road passes the site towards Banwell.

If the land were allocated, a strip on the edge of this allocation could potentially be made available for the improvements to this stretch of Wolvershill Road.

We would like to respectfully invite the Authority to consider the site as outlined within the red line on the enclosed plan ref. 001 to be incorporated within a residential allocation in the next North Somerset Local Plan 2036.

The site would provide a valuable addition for residential development and securing infrastructure improvements.


Support alternative scenario 1 and offer up land north of Summer Lane as development site.