Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

Document Section 1. North Somerset Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Document Mendip Spring garden Village Q15. Do you have any comments on the proposed vision for Mendip Spring Garden Village? [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 19 Dec 2018

I am very concerned about the proposals for a Strategic Development Location at the site of Churchill/Langford and the proposed Mendip Spring Garden Village of 2800 properties and associated major road development. I do not support any proposals for any development of any sort in the location identified and neither does my husband.

With regards to Q 15 to 18, section 4.2 (page 42) I want to register that we are totally opposed to the proposals for the SDL of Mendip Spring/Churchill. The Local Plan 2036 consultation for Mendip Spring/Churchill Garden Village (4.2) is premature. It is not appropriate for North Somerset Council to conduct a consultation when very significant issues have yet to be addressed through the joint Spatial Plan (JSP) process and formal examination. It is wrong to predict or presuppose the outcome of the JSP examination by the Independent Inspectors.

Also we have the following comments to make:

  • If any houses need to be built in the future they should be adjacent to Bristol such as on the Ashton Vale area, the main source of employment nearest the bounds of North Somerset. Mendip Spring/Churchill SDL is 15 miles from Bristol. Current traffic levels are horrendous and adding another 2800 houses-worth of traffic to the existing routes is unthinkable! No doubt the planning developers don't sit in those queues on a daily basis or they would suggest adding more cars to them. And if they think the residents will be using public transport they're clearly not used to getting a bus at 6.30am in order to get into Bristol for 8.30am.
  • Transport infrastructure is environmentally damaging.
    • Increased use of cars puts a significant, unnecessary and costly strain on existing transport infrastructure. Extra cars will be travelling through areas of prime agricultural land and livestock, leaving a trail of pollution to damage the very countryside that has made this area famous for its beauty. The impact of a significant increase in car journeys to and from Bristol where there is aready significant air quality problems is going to compound the problem.
Totally opposed to proposal for SDL of Mendip Spring. The Local Plan 2036 consultation is premature.