Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

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Response Date 16 Nov 2018

CPC believe that this consultation is premature for the following reasons;

Firstly, the examination on the West of England Authorities Joint Spatial Plan has not yet been carried out. Further consultation on the JSP is to take place in November. CPC is a member of the Parish Councils Airport Association which has submitted a response to the Joint Spatial Plan on the issue of the expansion of Bristol Airport and believe this issue of further growth is non-complaint. CPC understand that many other groups, on other issues, also consider the JSP non-compliant. Although there is a push by all the authorities that the JSP will be adopted, there should be some changes within the Plan once examined.  It is our understanding that the JSP will not allocate the new sites for housing but only identify them which allows the new Local Plan to make changes.  

Secondly, CPC reserve the right to add additional comments to our submission as information is made available on the transport network and proposed green infrastructure. CPC believe that these documents should have been made available at the start of this consultation.

Object on grounds that consultation is premature.