Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage

Document Section 1. North Somerset Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Document North Somerset Issues Q3. Do you agree with these or are there other challenges or issues which we have not included and how might the Local Plan address these? [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 10 Dec 2018

I agree with North Somerset's view that land should not be released from Green Belt unless exceptional circumstances exist. I object most strongly to Nailsea Town Council's suggestions that land to the north/north east of Nailsea be released from Green Belt in order to build houses/roads/increased trading estate facilities.  On so many levels this seems nonsensical and I am pleased North Somerset has chosen not to consider this land for development. Our green belt area is of significant value on so many levels. Green Belt exists to stop the very sprawl that Nailsea Town Council is proposing - its value on a social and environment level is significant, and local residents feel most strongly that this special valley must be protected. I have seen flooding on a considerable level over the years, and it would seem madness to build on an area where the river is prone to overflowing. Any development would surely impact on the water course.Given the flooding we have experienced in Somerset over recent years, this must surely be an unwise choice for development.  Our green belt allocation protects against this,  The valley northeast of Nailsea  is a significant wildlife corridor, including as it does low-lying wetland areas, and links up with the areas of SSSI towards Twickenham it must be protected.  It is a site of considerable local heritage, with an important grade 2* listed building at one end and a history of significant archaeological finds.  Nailsea Town Council's idea that there can be some sort of 'swap' of green belt between North East Nailsea (the valley is actually in Wraxall anyway) and Backwell does not hold water.  There can be no 'swapping' arrangement - each has to be dealt with on its own merits and independently.  Please do not consider interfering with the Green Belt north of Nailsea.  Even a small amount of development would spoil this special valley forever.  Surely we should be ensuring the protection of our valley for future generations.  There are far better options available for development  

North Somerset, please retain your policy not to interfere with our Green Belt