North Somerset Core Strategy Consultation on consequential changes to remitted policies CS6, CS14, CS19, CS28, CS30, CS31, CS32, CS33

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Response Date 18 Dec 2015

Further to our conversation earlier today, I feel that from a strategic development plan over a 20 year period, it would be beneficial to encompass the Core Strategy Plan within the Joint Spatial Plan and on the assumption that South Gloucester, Bristol, and BAINES have also prepared their Core Strategy Plans, these should also be included. I attended a West of England Joint Spatial and Transport Plan workshop in November and from a planning perspective, the five spatial scenarios under consideration are:- 1.Development of some of the Green Belt 2. Bristol Urban Development 3.Transport Focused development 4.A More Even Spread of Development and 5.New Settlements.  From my experience, 1 above would be a last resort and 3 and 4 would both rely on a vastly improved infrastructure. An infrastructure that would necessitate a network of new roadways, an improved rail and bus service to allow for commuting to Bristol, Bath and Weston and depending on the proposed development, the possible expansion of schools, nurseries, surgeries, drainage/sewerage improvements etc., etc. Whilst the economy is showing signs of recovery, any additional incurred costs of infrastructure at this time, would become an added burden. Item 4. above could be a consideration, subject to adequate land identification. Item 2 proved to be the most suitable as commuting will be reduced to a minimum and infrastructures are already in place. South of Bristol also has capacity for development. I appreciate that the Core Strategy Plan applies to the period up to 2026 and the Joint Spatial Plan to 2036 but the housing numbers within the CSP (20,985) are included within the JSP for 2036(85,000). I therefore feel that it is better to plan for what the overall development will look like in 2036 and to then work back to where the four authorities should be in 2026. This  is a far more strategic plan than allowing the four authorities to develop individually until 2026 and developing a JSP that will encompass decisions already taken, to run alongside of them. With regard to the N.Somerset  Core Strategy Consultation on consequential changes, under the policy wording for CS32 reference is made to "New employment development...........". I would just like to make the point that service villages are not ever likely to become major employment centres, which leads onto my next point which is how you intend to influence improvements in public transport?

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