Community Infrastructure Levy - Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

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Document Section Community Infrastructure Levy - Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Spending the CIL Q17 Do you agree that this table sets out an appropriate split between CIL and Section 106 funded infrastructure? Are there any changes you would propose? [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 04 Jan 2013

NHS North Somerset supports the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy in the district however we would highlight a number of points in the consultation documents where we think clarification would be beneficial.

The infrastructure delivery schedule ED/12a highlights a need for land and buildings and the source of funds for the construction has a question mark against it. It has always been our position that facilities should be delivered to mitigate the effects of development not just the sites. In previous correspondence with the Local Planning Authority we have stated,

"It is anticipated that capital contributions will take the form of provision of land, buildings or funding or improvements to existing nearby facilities."

We remain of the view that a complete facility is required rather than a bare site.

The differential charging proposals in Zones A, B and C are noted and are clearly intended to direct development to Weston super Mare where there is already pressure on primary health care facilities. We recognise the reasons for these proposals however

the adoption of this charging schedule will make the provision of a health centre in the Weston Villages area more important due to the pressures put on existing infrastructure by development in Zone A.

In our response to the Development Contributions SPD Consultation Draft – November 2010 we stated

"For the purposes of this SPD, Residential Development encompasses all uses within Use Classes C3 (Dwelling Houses) and C4 and most uses in Use Class C2 where the inhabitants would benefit from health care provision."

Our view is that increased population drives the demand for healthcare and the need for facilities to support those services. Therefore we recommend class C4 is included in the charging schedule as the inhabitants of these developments will require health care and as such should be considered in the same way as C3 Dwelling House.

Obviously hospitals should not contribute as they are themselves community infrastructure therefore, for clarification, we recommend that the charging schedule be reworded to,

"Care homes and nursing homes for the provision of residential accommodation and care to people in need of care which fall within the use class C2."