Community Infrastructure Levy - Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

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Response Date 03 Jan 2013
Current Status Accepted

The North Somerset Community Infrastructure Levy draft charging schedule should set a strategic context requiring developer contributions towards rail infrastructure where growth areas or significant housing allocations are identified close to existing rail infrastructure.

Many stations and routes are already operating close to capacity and a significant increase in patronage may create the need for upgrades to the existing infrastructure including improved signalling, passing loops, car parking, improved access arrangements or platform extensions.

As Network Rail is a publicly funded organisation with a regulated remit it would not be reasonable to require Network Rail to fund rail improvements necessitated by commercial development. it is therefore appropriate to require developer contributions to fund such improvements.

Specifically, we request that a Policy is included within the document which requires developers to fund any qualitative improvements required in relation to existing facilities and infrastructure as a direct result of increased patronage resulting from new development.

The likely impact and level of improvements required will be specific to each station and each development meaning standard charges and formulae may not be appropriate. Therefore in order to fully assess the potential impacts, and the level of developer contribution required, it is essential that where a Transport Assessment is submitted in support of a planning application that this quantifies in detail the likely impact on the rail network.

To ensure that developer contributions can deliver appropriate improvements to the rail network we would recomend that Developer Contributions should include provisions for rail and should include the following:

  • Network rail believes that developments on the railway infrastructure should be exempt from CIL or that its development should at least be classified as payments in-kind.
  • We would encourage the railways to be included on the Regulation 123 list of the types of infrastructure projects that will be funded through CIL.
  • Network Rail would like to seek a clear definition of buildings in the draft charging schedule. Railway stations are open-ended gateways to railway infrastructure and should not be treated as buildings. Likewise lineside infrastructure used to operate the railway (such as sheds, depot buildings etc) should be classed as railway infrastructure and not treated as buildings for the purposes of the charging schedule.
  • Network Rail would like confirmation that its developments over 100sqm undertaken using our Permitted Development Rights will not be CIL chargeable.
  • We consider that imposing a charge on one infrastructure project to pay for another in an inefficient way of securing funding.
  • A requirement for development cotributions to deliver improvements to the rail network where appropriate.
  • A requirement for Transport Assessments to take cognisance of impacts to existing rail infrastructure to allow any necessary developer contributions towards rail to be calculated.
  • A commitment to consult Network Rail where development may impact on the rail network and may require rail infrastructure improvements. In order to be reasonable these improvements would be restricted to a local level and would be necessary to make the development acceptable. We would not seek contributions towards major enhancement projects which are already programmed as part of Network Rail's remit. 

Notwithstanding the above, I enclose a link to Network Rail's website:\RUS%20Documents&pageid=2895&root=

This link provides access to Network Rail's Great Western Route Utilisation Strategy (March 2010) of which sets out the strategic vision for the future of the railway in this vital part of the railway network. It is hoped that this will be of use to the Council to keep you up to date with future aspirations for railway development in North Somerset.