Community Infrastructure Levy - Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule


What is the CIL?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new charge which developments will pay to help fund infrastructure needed to support development in the area. The CIL takes the form of a standard charge per m² of additional new floor space and is based on the size, type and area of new development. Proposed rates are set out in Section 3 of this document.

Which developments pay?

Almost all new developments will be eligible for the charge, although that charge might be nil. The main exemptions are developments of less than 100m² (except where it is a new dwelling), affordable housing, and developments by a charity for the delivery of their charitable purposes. Please see Section 4 for further details.

How are the rates set?

CIL regulations require that in setting a CIL, the Council must strike an appropriate balance between:

a)         the desirability of funding from CIL (in whole or in part) the actual and expected estimated total cost of infrastructure required to support the development of its area, taking into account other actual and expected sources of funding;

b)         the potential effects (taken as a whole) of the imposition of the CIL on the economic viability of development across its area.

This balance will be assessed through two periods of public consultation (including this one) and an examination by an independent inspector.

When will we need to pay the CIL?

Subject to the consultation and examination processes, North Somerset Council is aiming to adopt the CIL in September 2013 and to implement it from 1 October 2013. Developments granted planning consent after this date will be required to pay the charge.

What will the CIL be spent on?

The Council can spend the CIL on any infrastructure to support development, other than that which is funded through Section 106 agreements.

It is possible that the council may be required to pass a proportion of the CIL direct to local communities.

What about Section 106 agreements?

The CIL will partially replace and supplement the current system of securing developer contributions through Section 106 agreements (see Section 5 for further details). However, Section 106 agreements will continue for site-specific mitigation of development, affordable housing and for specified infrastructure on some large-scale developments.