Weston-super-Mare Town Centre Regeneration - Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Weston-super-Mare town centre regeneration Draft SPD

Open space and greening

7.1 Green spaces and trees

A key characteristic of the town centre is the network of sheltered green spaces set back from the exposed seafront and the lawns overlooking Marine Parade and the beach. Grove Park, at the northern end of the town centre, and Ellenborough Park at the southern end forming ‘green brackets’ to the town centre. These parks are the largest and most public of a series of smaller green spaces enclosed by villas, terraces or crescents that give parts of the town a leafy garden ambience. The Victorian residential areas surrounding the town centre are often characterised by attractive tree-lined streets whereas the central area has little greenery. Understanding the historical character and value of these spaces and avenues have and will continue to inform development and underpins the public realm strategy. Strategic tree planting along key routes will support the main street hierarchy and help finding your way about. Species selection will be determined by location, existing planting, specific constraints and requirements.


7.2 Three Boulevards

A key component of the plan for the town centre is the reinforcement of the strategic east-west routes into the town. The three boulevards, Alexandra Parade/Locking Road, The Boulevard and proposed Station Boulevard will give structure the town. These will be tree lined, emphasising the avenue approach to the town, clearly delineating the route to the sea, and provide an attractive and welcoming environment. Existing trees will be protected and any damaged or diseased trees will be replaced. New planting where appropriate will be encouraged and the planting of Station Boulevard will form a key component of the proposals for the main approach into Weston.


7.3 Avenues

Opportunities for greening in the town centre are limited and one of more obvious solutions lies in the planting of more street trees where this is both practical and will enhance the street scene and historical context. Species will be dependent on locational constraints. Where major developments are being proposed opportunities to create tree lined avenues should be evaluated and where appropriate included as part of the proposals. Guidance on landscaping and trees in the highway can be found in North Somerset’s Highways Development Design Guide.


7.4 Additional landscaping

Elsewhere the establishment of ‘pocket parks’ can aid the greening of the town. The design of these would be required to be informed by an understanding of the historic context, complement the character area in which it is located and ensure that the public realm is uncluttered, robust and safe. A programme to enhance existing residential and urban areas with additional planting, where feasible, will be established.


7.5 Urban Open spaces

Open spaces provide environmental, social and economic benefits and are therefore critical in terms of their contribution to town character, finding your way around, establishing a sense of arrival, encouraging activities and just allowing time to dwell and enjoy the outdoors and the space. Weston town centre has three main urban public spaces, Town Square, Big Lamp Corner and Princess Royal Square. A further square in front of the Emmanuel Church is being created alongside the Dolphin Square development. These will be supplemented with enhanced spaces at Walliscote Place and at the Railway Station.

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