Weston-super-Mare Town Centre Regeneration - Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Weston-super-Mare town centre regeneration Draft SPD

Alexandra Parade


1. The site of the original railway, Alexandra Parade was laid out as an open space following the construction of a new railway station in 1866, and after failed attempts to sell the site as development plots.

2. This primary east-west approach route links Locking Road with Big Lamp Corner. Characterised by an elongated circular one way street system (Regent Street and Alexandra Parade) around an area of mature trees and raised lawns. Dominated by circulating traffic with a number of bus stops on-street.

3. Public realm in need of updating, cluttered with pedestrian barriers and traffic lights.

4. Built form typically 3-4 storeys on Regent Street and 2-3 storeys on Alexandra Parade, with continuous closed building line.

5. Variety of architectural styles including several interesting buildings in varying states of disrepair, including Cecil Howitt’s Grade II listed Art Deco Odeon Cinema.

6. Building elevations dominated by uncoordinated shop front signs and advertising boards.

Alexandra-Parade Legend



Alexandra Parade will become a key arrival space into the town centre and will accommodate a bus interchange and key cycle links. Vehicular traffic around the space will be reduced, with traffic from the east directed onto Alfred Street northwards and from Walliscote Road North onto Oxford Street and Carlton Street, freeing up space on the Parade for the bus interchange and a high quality pedestrian space. The direct visual and physical link between Walliscote Road and Orchard Street will be strengthened. Improved access to green space and reduced through traffic will make a more attractive environment for pedestrians, with cafe and sitting out space encouraged.

The frontages of key buildings will be restored and signage and visual clutter reduced. Visual and physical links to Big Lamp Corner, Walliscote Place and Orchard Street will be improved through a coordinated approach to public realm design.



  • Reinforce the strong east-west connectivity towards the town centre through appropriate transport and public realm design.
  • Accommodate the town centre bus interchange with a focus to the east of Orchard Street.
  • Improve pedestrian, cycle and visual north-south connectivity.
  • Reinforce the green character of the space and create better accessibility to it. Retaining and planting avenue trees and creating a high quality coordinated public realm design that includes SuDS and creates a high quality and complementary sequence of spaces with the new space at Walliscote Place and Big Lamp Corner.
  • Create a high quality and flexible public space at the western end that relates to Big Lamp Corner and High Street ensuring a quality link between the two character areas and which establishes a sense of entry to the High Street area.
  • Reinforce and strengthen the urban form along routes in keeping with the existing scale and massing.