Weston-super-Mare Town Centre Regeneration - Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Weston-super-Mare town centre regeneration Draft SPD

The Boulevard


1. Built by a Francophile Lord of the Manor with views terminating at Christ Church spire in the east and the Royal Hotel in the west. Primary east-west approach route leading to Town Square.

2. Boulevard to the east: straight and generously proportioned tree-lined street (predominantly cherry) with consistent section including on street parking and generous pavements. Waterloo Street to the west: Buildings step in locally with narrower pavements and
inconsistent tree planting.

3. Separates Upper Stone Town (Victorian residential area) to the north and Orchard Meadows area to the south. Land use mostly residential above independent retail, restaurants and businesses. Falls within the Boulevard/ Montpelier Conservation Area. The town’s largest concentration of Hans Fowler Price’s 19th c. buildings.

4. Enclosed by predominantly 2-3 storey terraced buildings of varying style typical of the local Victorian character, with uniform offsets and close building lines. Some fine buildings including the Grade II listed Central library and Mercury building.

5. Predominant building material local limestone, with some red brick (former Central library).

6. Occasional attractive views towards Worlebury Hill and Upper Stone Town to the north.

The-Boulevard Legend



The Boulevard and Waterloo Street will maintain their role as one of the key east-west approach routes into the town centre. Retailing on The Boulevard and Waterloo Street is anticipated to remain as a secondary and specialist area with a mix of smaller independent and niche retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, professional services and small businesses. The grandeur of the street will be enhanced through sympathetic and coordinated treatment to shopfronts and signage and a clean, uncluttered and coordinated public realm treatment. Trees are an important part of the street’s character and will be retained, managed and replaced if necessary.



  • Reinforce the strong east-west connectivity towards the town centre through appropriate transport and public realm design and establishing safe and clearly legible north-south crossing points.
  • Reinforce the green character of the street by maintaining, planting and, where necessary, replacing single species avenue trees.
  • The use of SuDS to curtail surface water run-off and green the street as appropriate.
  • Encourage use of pavement cafe space.
  • Ensure shopfronts and signage are of high quality design, are sympathetic to the character of the area and subservient to the buildings.
  • New development to respect the massing form and scale of the surrounding built form; buildings to front the street and maintain the existing uniform and continuous building line.
  • When development proposals are considered owners should be encouraged to upgrade the boundary treatment of properties.