Weston-super-Mare Town Centre Regeneration - Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Weston-super-Mare town centre regeneration Draft SPD

Walliscote Place


1. Area within the heart of the town centre including the Town Hall and offices, the former Magistrates’ Court, Police Station, the Centre buildings, and Walliscote School.

2. Area includes a mix of uses including the civic function, churches, library, school, offices, retail and residential.

3. The listed Magistrates’ Court has been vacant since a new court building was opened on the edge of town and the police will vacate their current site as soon as the purpose-built site on Weston Gateway Business Park is complete.

4. The area includes a cluster of high quality Grade II listed heritage buildings around Walliscote Road and Town Hall, including Town Hall itself, the Magistrates’ Court, Emmanuel Church, Walliscote School, the Odeon Cinema on Alexandra Parade and 18 Walliscote Road. Other building of local interest include the curving 1930’s moderne Centre buildings fronting the Town Hall and the Free Gothic building on Station Rd occupied by Nightingales.

5. Mix of styles of architecture ranging from the exuberant Dutch Baroque at Walliscote School, the Art Deco and Modernist 1930’s buildings through to the 1980’s Town Hall extension.

6. The redevelopment of the Police Station site and vacant Magistrates’ Court and other nearby sites offer opportunities to introduce new uses, kick start the ambitions for Weston and herald a change in perceptions.

Walliscote-place Legend



Walliscote Place will become a new arrival space and destination in Weston-super-Mare. The uplift in urban quality and new development will mark a fundamental change for Weston-super-Mare signalling the new ambition of the town and demonstrating to potential developers and businesses, through the commercial success of the scheme, that Weston-super-Mare is an optimum place in which to invest. High quality new urban apartments will attract a new residential population to the town and add vitality. Quality design and a new iconic statement building will enrich Weston’s built form. Heritage assets will be carefully considered and complemented by design-led new development. The newly painted Art Deco Centre will become a noticeable statement building and public realm enhancements will create a space which people can enjoy and will mark the arrival at the town centre. The boulevard treatment of Station Rd will continue into this area complemented by further greening.



  • To reinforce the role of the area as the threshold to both the town centre and the seafront.
  • Ensure that development is informed by a thorough understanding and analysis of the context and the important heritage assets in the vicinity, which will include the importance of views and the character area’s key characteristics. Development should respond to and
    complement these assets.
  • Deliver an iconic building of exceptional design quality.
  • Enhance the setting of listed buildings and appropriate conversion and re-use of the listed Magistrates’ Court.
  • Replace Roselawn buildings and develop on Walliscote Grove Road East Car Park to form a strong sense of arrival into the Town Centre.
  • Contribute to improved access and connectivity between Station Approach and the town centre along the A370 corridor for cars, pedestrians, cyclist and public transport users
  • Ensure that street trees and greening are an integral element of the design
  • Ensure a coherent and consistent approach to public realm for whole area at the outset, in order to avoid piecemeal approach to landscape design etc.
  • Use of consistent architecture across the new development sites in this area.
  • Use of high quality materials and detailing sympathetic to surrounding historic buildings to set a clear quality standard for subsequent developments in the town centre.