Weston-super-Mare Town Centre Regeneration - Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Weston-super-Mare town centre regeneration Draft SPD

Station Gateway


1. Key area forming the main approach into the town from the east comprising Locking Road and Locking Road car park, the railway station and surrounding area, Sunnyside Road and part of Tesco car park. Dominated by highways and railway infrastructure including Hildesheim Bridge.

2. Mostly of poor quality and disjointed urban form with a number of development and surface car park sites. The art deco houses on Station Approach are the key characteristic of the area in front of the station.

3. The railway station feels peripheral to the town centre due to its surroundings of surface car parks, major road infrastructure, poorly designed post-war commercial brick buildings and under-used land.

4. No visually obvious proximity or connection to town centre and seafront.

5. Area has a key link and arrival function and is in need of upgrading to make it more attractive and to change perceptions of the town centre.

6. Provides a major redevelopment opportunity with the potential to introduce a new 21st century character to the area and repair the urban form.

Station-Gateway Legend



New modern distinctive and coherent 21st Century character area that resonates the elegance, style and warmth of Weston’s finest Art Deco, Victorian and coastal heritage and utilises this as inspiration for the best of contemporary architecture. The area will have an urban quality with buildings enclosing the public realm to herald a sense of arrival to the town centre and celebrate the distinct green backdrop to the town by establishing a new leafy green urban quarter. The mainly residential area will bring a significant uplift in well-designed urban living in a mix of sizes and types including a significant proportion of starter homes.

The area will be unified with the town and seafront by a strong public realm centred on the boulevard treatment of Station Road, Walliscote Grove Road and Carlton Street and a sequence of well-enclosed, overlooked and attractive green streets and spaces, influenced by Weston’s best Victorian tree-lined streets and sheltered coastal gardens. The new development will be designed to mark a sense of arrival to the centre, incorporate Hildesheim Bridge, add selected marker buildings to help orientation and place-making, and send a positive message about the regeneration of the town centre.



  • Deliver a high quality, contemporary residential area (up to 600 units) with supporting land uses including commercial, car parking and a primary school either within or adjacent to the character area.
  • The built form should assist in creating an entrance/gateway, provide legibility, enclose the public realm where appropriate, and ensure a consistent and coherent approach.
  • Significantly improve the railway station and the forecourt as a key arrival space and plaza.
  • Re-provide at least the current (120) car parking spaces and take into account future demand in a more efficient form, reducing the amount of surface car parking.
  • Ensure that the establishment of a tree lined boulevard for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles between Hildesheim Bridge and the seafront along Station Road, Walliscote Grove Road and Carlton Street is prioritised. This will include a coordinated public realm, generous tree-lined pavements, dedicated cycle lanes, safe crossing points and buildings fronting the street.
  • Provide a pedestrian public access bridge across the railway station.
  • Establish a strong pedestrian link from the station entrance to Station Road, enhanced through appropriate use of materials and tree planting. Ensure a clear crossing point linked to a new direct route through Tesco’s car park to Alexandra Parade and the proposed bus interchange.
  • Minimise the perceived level change between Hildesheim Bridge and surrounding area with careful design.
  • The design approach, character, materials and style of the built form will be set out in a detailed Masterplan to ensure a coordinated approach to new development and the public realm.
  • Use sensitively designed lighting to enhance key buildings and strengthen legibility of the area and Station Boulevard at night.
  • Development will need to sensitively integrate the Grade II listed signal box and art deco buildings.
  • Within this broader character area there is a smaller sub area at Locking Road where development proposals will need to respond to the existing built form and context.

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