Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Respondent Wrington Parish Council [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 30 Oct 2017

Policy SA4 – Employment Allocations

We note the ‘factors that have been assessed to determine the suitability of each employment allocation’, para 4.30. However, we are not convinced these were all fully assessed in relation to the extension to the Havyatt Business Park. This is shown in blue on the policies map related to MM62.

While this might not appear as a proposed change, it is difficult to see how any extension to the existing built development at the Havyatt Business Park could be justified, bearing in mind the impact on the flood plain and the increased flood risk created directly or by displacement from potential development on this site.

Also, any further development would add to what are already significant traffic and transport issues on the narrow access roads, and within the village centre, as a result of the considerable HGV and other traffic movements related to the industrial estates. It is recommended that the site boundary is now fixed and with the area shown in blue deleted.

It is our understanding that most people who work on the village industrial estates drive into Wrington in the morning and home again at night, passing local residents travelling in the opposite direction. This is not sustainable development. A related issue is our understanding that First Bus has stated that the A2 bus service is not commercially viable and withdrawn funding. While the service is being funded temporarily by NSC, these employment sites can no longer be considered to be accessible by a reliable public transport service. No further development should be permitted on this visually exposed countryside site.