Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 30 Nov 2017

Thank you for consulting us on the Proposed Modifications for the North Somerset Site Allocations Plan: further residential site assessments.  I can confirm that our comments made last year (attached) still stand with the additional comment below. 


The Site called ‘Land north of Youngwood Lane, Nailsea’ is near to Grants Mill level crossing which is a public footpath crossing at MLN1 127m 02ch.  The speed of the trains on this section of the railway travel at 100mph with approximately 100 passenger and freight trains crossing per day. 

Any development which would result in a material increase or significant change in the character of traffic using this rail crossing should be refused unless, in consultation with Network Rail, it can either be demonstrated that the safety will not be compromised, or where safety is compromised serious mitigation measures would be incorporated to prevent any increased safety risk as a requirement of any permission.

As Network Rail is a publicly funded organisation with a regulated remit it would not be reasonable to require Network Rail to fund rail improvements necessitated by commercial development.  It is therefore appropriate to require developer contributions to fund such improvements.  With this in mind I would strongly urge that when the council undertakes its viability testing for any proposed allocated site it considers the impact the proposal may have on the railway infrastructure.  The cost of mitigating any impact may have a bearing on the viability and deliverability of any such proposed site.   


Please note – the site assessment informs that there is a current planning application ref: 16/1677/OT2.  I do not have any record of Network Rail being consulted on this application.   Network Rail is a statutory consultee for any planning applications within 10 metres of relevant railway land and for any development likely to result in a material increase in the volume or a material change in the character of traffic using a level crossing over a railway (Schedule 4 (J) of the Development Management Procedure Order).