Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 30 Oct 2017

Who we are: South Bristol Business is an informal group of businesses who came together in 2009 to give positive support to the plans to build the South Bristol Link. We are committed to continuing to give support to plans to further improve the wider economy of South Bristol.

SBB - Response. We welcome the opportunity Local Plan Consultation gives to introduce ourselves to North Somerset Council and to convey our private sector business based comments.

House-building. South Bristol Business supports North Somerset Council plans to increase housing provision, to respond to Government policy to address the Nation’s housing shortage.

Adequacy of Employment Land. We support policies to significantly increase new business creation, expansion of existing businesses and thereby, the creation of jobs and employment, particularly, for local people. However, we have concerns as to whether there is an adequate supply of allocated Employment Land for both commercial and industrial uses within the North Somerset Council Local Plan to meet this great challenge.  We support the provision of adequate “high tec” and “low tech” job creation and we applaud and support Junction 21 - Weston Gateway new business and employment developments.

The wider North Somerset and South Bristol economy – Adequacy of Employment Land and Infrastructure. We wish to highlight within the context of the Local Plan, the economic and employment dimension within the wider area of the North Somerset Council northern boundary with Bristol City Council –South Bristol boundary. We recognise that this is at the same time, both a local matter and a wider West of England strategic matter, as in practice North Somerset and South Bristol are inextricably joined in economic terms. North Somerset has not seen private sector employment growth opportunities, on its northern border, to complement past, current and future house-building outputs and Bristol City Council has similarly not been able to achieve private sector business and employment expansion in South Bristol. We believe a strong contributory reason for this regrettable position is the lack of Employment Land and traffic infrastructure provision.  This must be a matter of ongoing concern for both Councils, in an area of significant population set to increase under the Local Plan. We suggest for consideration, enhanced cross border local authority dialogue with private sector business to address the issues to secure private sector business and employment generation over this wider area.

Bristol Airport. We recognise the importance, special economic and employment significance of Bristol Airport both locally within the North Somerset/ South Bristol economic connurbation and regionally across the South West. Sustainable Communities. We support the planning concept of providing new housing and employment opportunities as near as possible to each other.

Mike Knight, for South Bristol Business.