Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 30 Oct 2017

Further to the original response to the 2016 publication version of the Site Allocations, Sport England has a couple of comments to the proposed modifications consultation publication.

Clarification in relation to Policy SA8 Undesignated Green Space – MM3 (para 4.45 page 30)

Playing pitch / playing field sites fall under the protection of para 74 of the NPPF.  This includes playing field land that were once used as playing pitches for pitch sport as defined by legislation and there is no time limit on land last used.  Unless there has been a change in land use by formal application or permitted development.

Leisure colleagues at the Council have just initiated a Playing Pitch Strategy and this work should all playing feld land / playing pitches in N Somerset including those in use, those who have had a past use and ones allocated for future use.  These sites should be captured on the Local Plan Proposals/Constraints Map to guide future development proposals.

Response required – clarification that playing pitches/playing field land does not form undesignated green space (Policy SA8).