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Response Date 26 Oct 2017

Portishead is running the risk of losing its identify and individuality. We can all be the same and life would be very different and offer nothing and a seriously lack opportunities . Everyone wants a lovely home in a good community that offers a great social life balanced with industry this creates self worth motivation and a work to live life style.

Residents also want their town to prosper! If further development is allowed then no matter how beautiful Portishead now is . This could be destroyed together with the loss of established businesses by people who have invested their futures in the town. at the cost of established businesses the people that have invested their future in the town . Portishead is a thriving town full of local people who live and work here. Surely we don’t want to turn this town into a suburb of Bristol for people just commuting in and out on poor roads to a town that offers nothing.

This would make a very poor standard of living for us all.

The United Kingdom as it is has lost so much industry in the last 20 years with the likes of

Boots selling out to Italy

Jaguar selling out to India

Cadburys selling out to the Americans

The national lottery selling out to the Canadians

MG Motor Company selling out to China

Even London buses are owned and run by Spanish no wonder they are always late!

Not to mention Harrods even though the original owner was not born in Britain the business originated in the UK and we all rush to it every Christmas only to line the pockets of Qatar.

Is there any surprise that Inflation has just risen to an all time high at 3% and interest rate are being threatened to rise.

Our Great Country the United Kingdom has sold off everything we have ever worked for hold dear to our hearts. Leaving us vulnerable and at the mercy of other countries that have protected there national interests and pounced on ours robbing us of our identity.

Not a great position to be in when trying to transition our exit from the European Union!!

Brexit “Make Britain Great Again “(The UKs Slogan)” it will need more than words.

And Whilst getting on the property ladder is almost impossible for first time buyers and rent prices ever increasing , How is the governments initiatives and housing policy targets for north Somerset council to build a further 23000 properties by 2023 solving anything . After all the last time i looked at the plans Standard Life Investments (Phoenix Life Investments Ltd )are not planning on building social housing or budget price properties that first time buyers can afford .

Instead they are planning to capitalise on Bristol’s Growth in the last six years due to London’s house prices being unachievable to anyone apart from the elite giving the belief that Bristol’s infrastructure is adequate to commutable to London for work whilst getting more value for your money on your family home. This might have been the case 10 years ago. Before too many people bought in to this concept.  This will shortly move on to the boarder of Wales! Especially when the French give us back our seven bridges another mistake our government has made!

If we were capable of building a first of its kind bridge in 1779 namely the iron bridge in Shropshire **

**( A major breakthrough in bridge technology came with the erection of the Iron Bridge in Shropshire, England in 1779. It used cast iron for the first time as arches to cross the river Severn)**

Then I’m sure we did not need to sell out to the various developers such as the French and Americans and allow them to profit, this should of been a public service.*


  • ( 35% John Laing, British developer infrastructure operator
  • 35% Vinci, French concessions and construction company
  • 15% Bank of America, American multinational banking and financial services corporation
  • 15% Barclays Capital, British multinational investment bank

Whilst only showing profits in the uk of £48000 in 2016 annual return to companies house!! And People moan about Google and Face book.

Let’s get back to the issue. Standard Life the government we elected to run our country and our Local Council are prepared to knock down 23 local and established businesses that employ over 350 Skilled and semi skilled people that live in Portishead for more houses and needless retail properties such as the ones on harbour side that have just received a change of class from commercial to residential.  Enough is enough.

All comments and statement are the views of myself Ryan Peake with information gathered from wikipidia and are with our predjustice and may be in accurate. but to the best of my knowledge i have relayed information i have read and protruded it in complete honesty to the best of my educational ability’s

Ryan Peake