Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 31 Oct 2017

re modification MM3 - Policy SA8 in respect of AM55 & AM14 Development of land south of the Uplands

The importance of this area of open space to the community has been well documented throughout the consultation process to date. Evidence, some of which has been obtained from the Council archive, records  its purchase for the purposes retaining it as open space, (following the rejection of an application to develop the land by the former owner), and its continued use as a recreational area. I understand that at a meeting in May Councillors expressed surprise  at its inclusion in the Site allocation plan.

The reword policy SA8 set out in this document applies favourably to the Uplands. I would add that the large community of dog owners who use the site on a daily basis contribute to the many local independent businesses. This activity provides social contact and a reason for residents of all ages to  take regular exercise throughout the year. Its inclusion by the Town Council of the routes across the Uplands in the Towns footpath map (compiled in conjunction with Nailsea Walkers group)linking it to the Nailsea Round and other areas demonstrates its importance to non dog owners also.

Nailsea has very few recreational amenities unlike its sister towns of Clevedon and Portishead. Many people choose to live her because of its access to open space and its proximity to open countryside. 

re modification MM14

I am opposed to the development of Youngwood Lane. The road infrastructure is not compatible with this level of development and any additional increase in traffic poses a serious risk to recreational users (cyclists, walkers and horseriders). 

Development on the South West boundary of Nailsea

large scale development  of this area is unsuitable due to an inadequate road network and difficult access to the railway station (rail services are expensive,often unreliable and cramped at certain times). Proposed changes in the Joint Spacial Plan will not effectively address the issue of the commute to Bristol