Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 30 Oct 2017

I do not agree with site MM24 (Broadleaze Farm, Winscombe) being included in the Sites Allocation Plan, as an isolated proposal nor in combination with sites MM22, MM23, MM26, MM27 and MM29. These proposed sites will not contribute to sustainable development in the area and are not employment led development. Based on an average occupancy of 2 adults and 2.4 children per dwelling, the potential population increase of nearly 3,800 is definitely not sustainable in the villages of Winscombe, Sandford, Churchill and Langford. There is only one very small new development site proposed in Wrington, there are no new primary or secondary schools or medical facilities proposed in any of these villages, and there is no new road infrastructure proposed. So many new developments in such a small area cannot be considered sustainable, permission has already been granted for Woodborough Farm and the Land North of Greenhill Road, Sandford, totalling approximately 400 new dwellings. The villages of Winscombe, Sandford, Churchill and Langford cannot be considered 'Well Connected' via public transport and the increase in the number of vehicles on the local roads as a result of these developments will be ludicrous. There is no direct access to Bristol itself via public transport and it is illogical to think that new residents will do anything other than use their cars to get to Bristol, the main employment area for these villages. There is a single primary school in each of Winscombe, Sandford, Churchill and Banwell. All are currently oversubscribed and there are no immediate plans to expand any of them. None of the proposed sites include allocated land for new school facilities, as such an unprofitable option is never considered. The current waiting times at the two local medical practises that service these villages is around 2 weeks. I object to NSC implying that it is acceptable to make this situation worse. When is NSC going to acknowledge that it is inappropriate to decimate our beautiful countryside for the sake of small pockets of totally inappropriate developments. The council should be focussing on forcing developers to build the houses on the land that has already gained planning permission, rather than allowing developers to sit on the land waiting for its value to increase month on month. Greedy developers are dictating planning policy and house building in this county, not the council. The following points relate specifically to site MM24 (Broadleaze Farm, Winscombe) and how the site conflicts with North Somerset Policies and its Core Strategy. The proposed development has an unacceptable adverse impact on views from the Mendip Hills ANOB to the surrounding countryside. Conflicting with North Somerset sites and Policies Plan Development Management Policy DM11. The application is in breach of the Core Strategy Policy CS19 - it does not maintain the Strategic Gap between Winscombe and Sandford. The application is in breach of Core Strategy Policy CS5 - it does not enhance the beauty of the Mendip Hills ANOB. The application is in breach of Core Strategy Policy CS4 - it does not encourage the retention of trees. The application is in breach of Core Strategy Policy CS32 - it is currently outside the village settlement boundary and is for more than 25 dwellings. The application is in breach of North Somerset Sites and Policies Plan and Development DM10 - the proposed development is harmful to the character of the local area, inappropriate and unsympathetic to the appearance and character of the local environment. The application is in breach of Core Strategy Policy CS5 - it does not protect and enhance the local environment, wildlife, habitat and trees. North Somerset Council has a legal duty to preserve the character and appearance of the Mendip Hills ANOB. The application is in breach of Core Strategy CS5 - the proposed development is out of scale and character. The application is in breach of Core Strategy CS4 - the applicant has not liaised with Advisory Bodies or Interested Consultees in relation to the landscape. Development Policy DM11 - the proposed development does not provide adequate privacy for occupants of adjacent residential properties, particularly with regards to quiet enjoyment of garden amenities. The proposed site is within J1 Lox Yeo Rolling Valley Farmland. The site adjoins the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The proposed development will lead to the gradual coalescence of Winscombe and Sandford. The Strawberry Line extends directly adjacent to western boundary of the Site, where only 19% of this 3km section is free from urban development on both sides (as is the case at Broadleaze Farm). A 'line in the sand' must be drawn somewhere to protect the distinctive qualities of the landscape in Winscombe.