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Response Date 30 Oct 2017

MM25 Land at Cox's green 

I object to this site being included in the site allocations plan for the following reasons:

Sustainability – this is an unsustainable site, it lies outside the village boundary, a sizeable distance from the village centre, potential residents would be extremely unlikely to walk to and from the village if they have small children, are elderly or infirm. 
Lack of public transport- there is an extremely limited bus service that only operates at limited times of the day and not on Sundays. Using public transport for commuting or reliable transport purposes is not an option. 
Flooding to access roads of the site- this site regularly floods, the roads flood at least once a year to a point where no vehicle can access the site. 
Safety issues, if a pavement were to be put in place to serve the site- at the inquiry regarding a proposed development on this site it was demonstrated that there is NOT a wide enough width of road to safely accommodate a pedestrian pavement as well as accommodating two lanes of traffic. 
HGVs 's having issues accessing Burnett's Industrial Estate- HGVs already have great difficulty accessing the site without needing to take the turn in more than one manoeuvre, the proposed pavement lies in the direct path of HGVs trying to turn into the site, meaning they would need to mount the pavement to make the move. This would compromise both the pedestrians safety as well as ease of use of the industrial estate and could compromise this site for business use. 
Lack of services within the village- although Wrington is technically classified as a service village, the NSC itself recognises that the services within the village are severely limited and decreasing. We have no GP surgery, a post office that closed and a smaller one accommodated within the village shop. 
Lack of parking in the village- the village already suffers with capacity issues related to available parking spaces within the village, this means some residents are put off from using the village shop as there is nowhere to park, they then use their car to  access  facilities in neighbouring villages. Residents at this proposed site would undoubtably drive to access the village, and if unable to park would invariably chose to shop elsewhere. 
Limited school places- the school lies in the centre of the village, has been and remains at almost full capacity. Residents to this proposed site would be the furthest from the school geographically and would be unlikely to gain places in the school, they would therefore need  to be bused to schools in surrounding villages. 
This site has previously been rejected for inclusion in the site allocation plans by NSC for good reason ( many of which are illustrated here). 
I have previously objected to this site even being considered within the site allocation. Again I ask for consideration of these facts to ensure this site does not get included in the site allocation plan.