Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 30 Oct 2017

We strongly oppose this potential development for the reasons recently brought up in the public enquiry for a larger development on the same site. These have already been stated in the Wrington Village Alliance's submission for this new potential development, but in particular:

(i)  the additional traffic into the village to access amenities that are already stretched or oversubscribed such as the school, parking and the recent announcement about consultation to close the doctors surgery to name a few.

(ii) the regular flooding of access roads to the area - we have had a car written off due to flood water in Nates Lane

(iii) the safety of significant pedestrian traffic along the route, and the inability to provide a viable footpath option to the village centre

(iv) the access needed to the Burnett Industrial Estate, which if cut back could risk these businesses moving elsewhere.

In addition the proposed loss of a green habitat on this side of the village would adversely change the character of this side of the village, and would be totally out of keeping with the rest of the village..