Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Respondent Sally Bartlett [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 30 Oct 2017

I would like to add my agreement to the comments and opinions stated by the Wrington Village Alliance. Given the evidence that was submitted to the recent inquiry (APP/DO121/W/16/3166147) for planning application for 59 Houses on this site, it would be extremely short sighted of North Somerset Council to include this site for residential development. The evidence submitted to the inquiry by the WVA and residents at the public session proved that the Flood Risk Team, Highways and NSC planning have severely underestimated the effect of serious flooding and safety issues concerned with this site. It should be apparent to NSC that until the flooding issues in this area of Wrington are professionally and seriously investigated, the residents and businesses will be at risk of severe disruption and if building is allowed on this site, more homes will be flooded. The homes to be built will be at risk, the attenuation planned is the the result of computer modelling that by the developers own expert's admission does not take into account the effect on flooding caused by the natural and unmapped springs on the land. 

The footpath intended by the developers is undeliverable, this has been proved by the WVA and several experts.

The land is BMV agricultural, outside the village boundary and is valuable countryside, a stepping Stone for wildlife and building on this land contravenes North Somerset's own Core Strategy. North Somerset may be a PUD ( Persistent under delivery on the 5year housing supply ) but for robust planning reasons. I urge the Council to stand firm in the face of extreme and unfair pressure from Central Government, to listen to the sensible advice from organisations such as CPRE and refuse to give permissions on sites ,that are just plain unsuitable for development. 

I would also urge the Council to listen and action the views of local residents, not just in Wrington, North Somerset cannot sustain the level of development planned, the infrastructure is just not there! Please do not let this consultation be just a paper exercise, this site should not be developed.