Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Respondent Rob Turvey [View all comments by this respondent]
Response Date 29 Oct 2017

For all the reasons described in the earlier consultations, the development of Youngwood Lane should not be considered at this juncture.  The adjacent highway network is entirely unsatisfactory, already presenting worryingly unsafe driving conditions.  Further, Nailsea’s current infrastructure, services and employment provisions are all woefully inadequate for such a significant population increase.

However, should the Council continue to remain mindful of supporting this site, then, by way of compensation, it should reconsider its inclusion of the Uplands in the SAP. This site was acquired by the Council over 40years ago for Public Open Space purposes after it refused the previous land owner permission for an almost identical development to that now proposed by NSC.  All the reasons put forward by the Council for justifying the 1976 refusal remain valid and justifiable, and I understand the site is only included as a result of an oversight when auditing Nailsea’s green spaces.  Sacrificing the 50 planned Uplands Properties in the SAP would be a small price to pay for retaining this highly valued, heavily utilised and health promoting local amenity.