Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 29 Oct 2017

Further to our earlier comments submitted to the Inspector and to North Somerset Council on 18
August 2017, we believe that Youngwood Lane should not be included as an additional site for the
reasons previously stated.

However, if Youngwood Lane is to be added as an additional allocated site, then we suggest that, as previously requested, the Land South of the Uplands should be removed. With the inclusion of Youngwood Lane the Uplands site represents a very small proportion of the allocation at only 50 houses. As previously stated in our original response to the Site Allocation Plan, and in our subsequent submissions to the Inspector, the status of this land is contested. At the Hearings in May, the Council representatives conceded that it was surprised that the land was available for the SAP, as it was known to them to have been public open space for many decades. It would appear to have been accidentally omitted from a list submitted from Nailsea Town Council to North Somerset Council identifying public open spaces in Nailsea at the time just prior to the draft SAP’s construction. This land has been considered as open space and is used extensively by the public as Open Space. The inclusion of Youngwood Lane as an allocated site further diminishes the “Green Lungs” of the West of Nailsea and increases the need to maintain green open space in this area.