Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 27 Oct 2017

Old Mill Road is home to successful, sustainable businesses, providing the town of Portishead with jobs and training for skilled and semi skilled workers. Developers are destroying the very identity of the town, removing employment opportunities and building so many homes that the infrastructure can no longer cope. Hundreds of years have been spent developing a town that people were envious of, it had everything going for it. Now greed, lack of understanding and certainly lack of forward thinking are destroying this coastal town.

PLEASE STOP any further development, especially to the detriment of employment opportunities in this town. It has become the 'norm' for developers to promise commercial premises, then to poorly market those commercial premises and over price them so that it attracts no interest, and then turn it in to housing. Come on, this town has had enough.

Our roads cannot cope, our public services cannot cope and to remove successful on-going businesses in the name of more homes is outrageous.

In addition, our independent retailers are disappearing with our High Street shops already struggling. Place more retail units out of our High Street and you are signing its death warrant. More homes are destroying our community.