Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 26 Oct 2017

To the people who hold the future of Portishead in their hands, please listen to the residents of Portishead and their concerns regarding the propsed development of Old Mill Road.

Collectively, you will determine the future of Portishead, your decisions should not just be based on what is before you today, but with the view of the longer term benefits of the future generations of the town. The decision on granting planning permission for redevelopment of this site is one that will carry implications for many, many years.

Whilst Portishead is an affluent area with very good demographics, nobody knows what the future will hold, but once the bulldozers and brick layers are in, there is no going back - visualise if you will, rows of empty retail shops, streets crammed with cars parked on pavements, queues at the health centres and parents of school children fighting for places for their little ones.

None of this needs to happen - I note from consultations MM17, MM18 and MM19 these all make reference to residential development, and I am really concerend for the future stability of the town I live in.

Your consultation document makes reference to 'existing business to be relocated or incorporated into the development" - the inference in this statement is that business will be assisted in relocation to alternative sites whilst the new development occurs - how will this be funded, who will support the costs of relocation a gym with bundrds of members to another building? How will a steel fabrication business be relocated locally, and should these business wish to return, will a new warehouse/factory be incorporated in the development plans? Too many questions I guess that will need very, very careful consideration and specific answers before residents and business owners are satisfied.

Your consultation document also states 'no net loss of employment capacity will be supported' - what reaction would you expect from a skilled mechanic who is told, 'don't worry, you will be able to work in the new shops'. The afforementioned statement infers that even the loss of one job will see any planning application not supported, unfortunately we will only fully understand how many jobs have been lost and not replaced once the development is complete and the retail units are fully operational - too late for the mechanic and his colleagues.

Once again, you all hold the future stability of Portishead in your decision making, the short term housing needs, the medium term residential and business needs, and the longer term strategy for forthcoming generations. Please do not let the taxpaying residents, businesses and employees of Portishead down, you stood for election and were voted into your positions by the very people that will have their futures determined by you and your colleagues.

You must do what is right in your judgement, but you must also be honest with your opinions and your concience.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

Steve Gillingham