Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 26 Oct 2017

Under the notes: Site Specific Details it declares "Existing businesses to be relocated or incorporated into redevelopment scheme". As a leaseholder in Old MIll Road, I can say that the plans presented, which have been produced long after the above stipulation was made, making this action impossible without redrawing the plans. A recent meeting with the Principal Economic Development Officer and a representative of Standard Life, their Town Planning advisors, GL Hearn, indicate that this process is being applied by Standard Life with NO intention to meeting this criteria. Now it is up to the Executive Committee on Planning to decide this development is not "good for Portishead. There is little trust that Standard Life will meet their Social Obligations and are paying Lip Service to the expectations of the Council!

The Site Specific Details go on to state: "No net loss of employment capacity will be supported". When questioned that Standard Life/GL Hearn have declared a possible 600 jobs in this development they are insulting our intelligense. OLD MILL ROAD is nearly at full capacity without any houses and supports close to 355 jobs. The proposed retail element in the proposed development is wishfull thinking. Jobs could be increased if everyone could only work one day a week but this is also nonsense. However, it is the sort of statement that we are hearing from the developers. In other words, like governments, they cannot guarantee any new employment at a retail level, especially when any real retail growth is taken by the Internet. At our recent meeting, when GL Hearn when questioned: where are the 600 jobs coming from? they feined ignorance to this statement. Fortunately, the Economic Development Officer reminded him that he had made this declaration at a past meeting. These developers, in their attempt to push their plans forward cannot be trusted to be honest. The council should beware of false promises when making decisions.

Patrick Gardner