Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 24 Oct 2017

I cannot understand how the Old Mill Road site has been allowed to have its employment criteria changed from an industrial site of skilled, well paid, full time work, which can enjoy mortgage opportunities, to mixed employment covering the part time, low paid, unskilled occupations such as retailing leisure, cafes, bars and restaurants. These occupations, sadly, will not have the disposable income to make much contribution to Portishead. As suppliers to the Retail and Catering industries we are experienced in how these industries work.

The retail proposals illustrated in Standard Life Investments include larger format shops to attract new brands to Portishead. Not only is this unlikely to happen when nearly all larger retailers are cutting back on expansion with the Internet filling this void during a difficult time for retail trading. They should show proof of their analysis. Also, new cafes, bars and restaurants are placed together, this will either reduce numbers in the High Street which already has 6 charity shops or will remain empty. It is common knowledge that developers will then, after about 2 years, request a change to further housing. Which is what Standard Life are planning. There are already precedence in Portishead in part of the Marina development.

Without another major road out of Portishead, the cars that this development will encourage plus other local developments will create so much misery, not including the pressure on other services, that Portishead will no longer be a desireable place to live.

Patrick Gardner, T&G Woodware Ltd 9-11, Old Mill Road

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