Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation

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Response Date 02 Oct 2017

Ref: NS Site Allocation Plan Coombe Farm/Slough Pit

I am writing to ensure you and the Inspector are fully aware of the circumstances in regards to Government rejection of previous application. Also access is now on to Shipham Lane necessitating removal of ancient hedgerow (Vince Russett NSC Officer).

An appeal took place on 29th February ref T/APP/D0121/A/99/1032385/P2 Inspector Colin A Thompson.

Shipham Lane remains a narrow lane which up to 50 yards from this site is de-restricted (national speed limit 60mph).

Any comments that I noted from original notification of 'allocation' that 'there was no previous objection to this site' were in error.

Please ensure all concerned are aware of this response.

G C J Ballard