Draft Shopfront Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) - July 2019

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Response Date 12 Aug 2019

Dear Cara,

"The following comments on the North Somerset Draft Shopfront Design Guide are submitted on behalf of Banwell Parish Council. The guide is a welcome addition to NSC's suite of Supplementary Planning Documents and provides comprehensive guidance that, if followed, should result in the sympathetic and appropriate alteration of existing shopfronts or the installation of new ones to the benefit of the local environment and historic settings.

Their detailed comments are as follows:

1 The paragraph at the top of page 8 would be better placed on page 2 as it sets the tone and objective for the remainder of the document.

2 Page 9 Six Key Principles-these are supported but in respect of Principle 6 it is not necessary to highlight the Great Weston Conservation Area because the principle is applicable to all Conservation Areas throughout the District

3 Page 7 Section 1.2 2nd paragraph "mentation of good design" could be re worded to be more user friendly.

4 There are several references in the text to works  that "will be refused" or "will not be permitted" and it is suggested that this wording should not be so specific. Phrases such as "will not be supported" or "will not normally be permitted" are used elsewhere and these are considered to be more appropriate in a SPD.

5 Page 21 Section 3.9 last paragraph. A justification  for public houses as an exception to the use of swan neck lighting would inform the reader.

6 Page 22 Section 3.10 Penultimate paragraph. Is it intended  to say 'non glossy' because as worded it indicates that glossy plastic fabrics are acceptable in awnings?

7 Page 25 Section 5.1 There is an obvious dilemma between ensuring security and that security equipment does not adversely affect the character and architectural integrity of a building. However, in some cases this may be unavoidable. Whilst security equipment can undermine perceptions of safety it can also reassure in problem areas. 

8 Page 25 Section 5.2 1st paragraph the first sentence is too general in dismissing the acceptability of shutter boxes and solid security shutters. It's a laudable objective but could be re worded.

9 Page 25 Section 5.2  4th paragraph insert 'to' between 'businesses' and 'maintain'

10 Page 29 Section 6.2 See comment 2 above.

11 Page 29 Section 6.2 Penultimate paragraph delete 'satisfac'

Kind regards


Liz Shayler

CiLCA, Banwell Parish Council Clerk & RFO


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