Draft Shopfront Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) - July 2019

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Response Date 12 Aug 2019

Hi Rachel and Everyone


I have been through most of the documents - a few thoughts:


Shop Front Guide

In my view this is all very good in terms of the aims. However it may be a little a aspirational with enforcement needed to ensure the guidelines are met by retailers being the test. The only issue I take with the entire document is at p26: We support shops in peripheral areas being converted to residential rather than remaining empty.    

What exactly is peripheral - it references the 'Policies Map' however this did not load (for me at least for retail uses) - it would be helpful to have the retail maps appended? In this context I believe there should be more support to reserve empty units for genuine retail or leisure use - ie active uses - before it is given over to office (including A2) use in which businesses often blank the street (as has happened 45 Hill Road (Harbour Family Law - below) - an otherwise beautiful shop front that would have been taken up eventually by an independent retailer if the planning protections had been in place). If everyone is happy I will respond along these lines before the deadline.