Draft Shopfront Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) - July 2019

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Response Date 12 Aug 2019

Dear Cara,

Nailsea Town Council’s Planning Committee discussed the Draft Shopfront Design Guide at last night’s meeting. The committee asked that the content is noted.

I have spotted a couple of typo’s within the document. I have listed them here:

Page .7

1.2   the top of the 2nd paragraph starts “mentation” I think it should read “Implementation”.

Page .17

3.5 first paragraph 2nd line the use of the word “glossy” twice

Page 20

3.8  references the “Local Planning Authority” should that not read North Somerset Council?

Page 29

6.2 Second column, 2nd paragraph starts “satisfactWider” 

Kind regards


Mrs Jo Duffy

Town Clerk & RFO

Nailsea Town Council


( 01275 855277

: clerk@nailseatowncouncil.gov.uk

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