Site Allocations Plan March 2016

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Response Date 26 Apr 2016

The draft policy requires any proposals to contribute to a “continuous, co-ordinated, high quality visual approach” which is a sentiment supported in principle. However, how any particular site or development can contribute to this must be assessed in the context of the sites in question and it should not be used as a tool to impose a particular style, nor to require landscape treatments which will result in proposals being unviable.

Sites which have a long frontage to the A370 could be sterilised if the policy were to be applied inappropriately to development proposals and it is therefore recommended that the wording of the policy be amended to state:

"Development proposals and other opportunities affecting, and visible from the A370 corridor from the M5 to the town centre as defined on the Proposals Map should make a contribution to the creation of an enhanced approach into Weston-super-Mare in so far as it is practical and viable to do so.

Priority will be given to a landscaped boulevard approach with street trees where appropriate supported by high quality design, siting and materials of buildings to improve the quality of the corridor, as viewed form the A370.

Proposals for extensions, alterations and improvements to existing buildings should similarly make a positive contribution to the A370 corridor. Developers will be encouraged to remove unsightly buildings, structures and signage as part of their proposals".